Selected recent publications (2006-2016)

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Bekker, S. and N. Bromberger (forthcoming 2016) A shift in Western development agency thinking? The case for second best. Social Dynamics.

Bekker, S. and L. Hill (forthcoming 2016) Household language, residential segregation and social mobility: continuity and change in eThekwini. African Population Studies.

Bekker, S. 2015 Entitlement demands and entitlement despair. Reflections on the violent xenophobic episodes of 2015 and of 2008. African Human Mobility Review 1(3) 230–253.

Hill, L.B. and S.B. Bekker (2014) Language, residential space and inequality in Cape Town: broad-brush profiles and trends, African Population Studies, 28(1).

Bekker S. 2013 Book review of Denis-Constant Martin, Sounding the Cape: Music, Identity and Politics in South Africa. African Music 9(3) 183–186.

Bekker S. 2013 ‘Global transitions: Introducing South Africa and the World.’ in Pillay U., G. Hagg & F. Nyamnjoh (eds.) State of the Nation. South Africa 2012–2013. Cape Town: HSRC Press. pp 581–588.

Bekker S. & L. Fourchard (eds.) 2013 Governing Cities in Africa. Politics and Policies. Cape Town: HSRC Press.

Bekker S & G Therborn (eds.) 2012 Capital Cities in Africa: Power and Powerlessness. Cape Town and Dakar: CODESRIA and HSRC Presses.
Bekker S. 2011 ‘Quelle est l’importance des identités religieuses pour les Sud-Africains aujourd’hui?’ Carrefours de l’éducation (numéro hors-série), Université de Picardie. (translation of 2010 article of same title).

Bekker S. 2010a ‘Explaining violence against foreigners and strangers in urban South Africa: outbursts during May and June 2008.’ The African Yearbook of International Law. Vol. 16: 125–149.

Bekker, S. 2010b ‘How important are religious identities to South Africans today?’ in Jacques Vanderlinden (ed.) Convictions Philosophiques et Religieuses et Droits Positifs. Bruxelles: Bruylant pp 113–131.

Bekker S. 2010c ‘Urban Identities in South Africa: Changes over the Past 25 Years.’ in Sadran P., D Darbon, R Otayek (eds.) Mélanges en l’Honneur de Christian Coulon. Buxelles: Bruylant pp 261–276.

Williams M. and S. Bekker 2008 ‘Language policy and speech practice in Cape Town: an exploratory public health sector study’ Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies. 26(1):171–183.

Bekker S. & A Leildé 2007 ‘De nouvelles identités urbaines dans une nouvelle Afrique du Sud ? Classe, culture et race au Cap et à Johannesburg’ in Fourchard L. (ed.) Gouverner les Villes d’Afrique : Etat, Gouvernement Local et Acteurs Privés. Paris : Kartala.

Bekker S. 2007 ‘Postface’ in Philippe Gervais-Lambony & Gabriel Kwami Nyassogbo (eds.) Lomé. Dynamiques d'une Ville Africaine. Paris: Kartala.

Bekker S & A Leildé (eds.) 2006 Reflections on identity in four African cities. Cape Town: African Mines, including …

  • Bekker S & A Leildé ‘Class, race and language in Cape Town and Johannesburg’;
  • Bekker S & A Leildé ‘The importance of language identities in Libreville and Lomé’.

Bekker S. 2006 &lquo;Migration from South Africa’s rural sending areas: changing policies and changing destinations' in Gallo-Mosala S. (ed.) Migration Week 2006. Migration to South Africa within International Migration Trends. Cape Town: The Scalabrini Centre.

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